Crabby Lift – Motor kit with mount


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This is the heart of the Crabby Lift system. The 12v 180w motor has a gear box giving it plenty of torque to pull crab pots and shrimp pots up to, and over 100lbs with ease, at 80 feet per minute. The motor kit comes with the motor, pulley wheel, wired in water proof switch, and quick disconnect wire plug, as well as the aluminum mounting bracket that allows you to easily add it your existing davit.

The pulley can be swapped to either side of the motor, making it versatile to fit your application perfectly. With two wraps of your rope on the pulley, you can lift 65+ lbs with your fingertips. The unique design of the Crabby Lift allows the pot to “float”, as when you stop pulling, or letting out line, it will hold steady with minimal effort, until you pull it in further, or let it down onto the deck of your boat, without having to take the rope off the pulley.

Crabby lift motors come with a 1 year warranty!

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