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Bob caught this monster springer on a GDF Spinner! But good luck getting him to tell you which one!

Hi Wayne, My Grand Daughter Kelsey caught this nice 26 lb Chinook salmon on your “Astoria Special” spinner yesterday on the incoming tide. It was quite a battle, but a lot of fun. It was on the new test Blinkee too.

Hi Wayne. These were all caught on your Blinkee’s. They were caught on the top hook near the Blinkee’s. Usually we catch halibut on the bottom hook near the weight. Interesting huh?


I bought the large fish cleaning mat this last spring. I fished Barkley Sound from May till last Monday, and have no idea how many fish I have cleaned. The mat still looks like new. I was extremely pleased with this product. Fish do not slip! Thank you for an excellent item.


 These days still happen….

This early GDF Spinner caught 23 salmon!!!

Army Truck Hootchie with a backflash is what the 18 lbs chinook hit. Purple b-10 produced as well. Landed 20, Kept 12 by 9:30!


 GDF Sanitizer Hand Wipes have many uses…

 Big or Small, we catch them all!!!

Mike Lands his first springer EVER using GDF!!

Caught this 10 lb Springer at start of Multnomah Channel 730 pm 4/11 using blue and silver flasher with blue Blinkee. Only fish saw strike or get caught!

Tested & Proven!

“I like to test a product for a while before I review it. I have had a 100% catch rate since using these hooks (in combination with the green-weenie snubber when barbless), (and quick release) over the last 2 seasons. No one else that I was fishing with could say that (they weren’t using them). These hooks also don’t corrode like other high end hooks I have used in the salt repeatedly. I think they might be just a tad too big for superbaits (they still fish just fine, just not perfectly), because it doesn’t seem to get bit as much as others that have smaller hooks when fishing head to head ([2 to 3 vs. the same bait with smaller hooks]… for instance, if there were 5 take downs that day, 2 came on the bait with the scorpion hooks, the other 3 on the smaller hooks). But it doesn’t miss when bit, so I will take that tradeoff any day. I would rather be 2 for 2 than 1 for 3 (as we often the case with the smaller hooks). They are perfect spinners of any blade size. If you are serious about salmon fishing, I have found GDF products to be the best.” ~RPod

Sturdy, Simple, Successful

“This concept is definitely way better than the mini magnets. You can adjust the release on them, which is a major advantage. Using the other kind of release, they routinely pop off when just trolling (say you increase your speed, or your flasher hits a piece of moss). Not too mention that if you have bait on and you are getting slow bit, I can definitely say that it releases too early causing misses. Some say that the advantage of the magnetic kind is that you can put them on other flashers. To that I say 360 flashers are not like in-line flashers, where you have to find the right color for that day. For the 360, there is only 1 that works in all conditions…and I never go away from that.” ~RPod