GDF DC #4 Green Tip Rainbow


2 blades per pack


Warning: Do not lend your GDF fishing hardware to a fishing buddy. It will not be returned.

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GDF introduces our new line of #4 deep cup hex/ hammered Colorado blades. These blades are perfect for building casting spinners. The deep cup spins the blade faster while traveling through the water at a slower speed. Our Paint patterns were designed by taking proven patterns, and making them better by adding contrast. Through years of research and testing we have developed these blades. By adding the right contrast in the right way, we have developed a line of blades that give fish the best chance of seeing your spinner, regardless of the ever changing surroundings. Our #4 deep cup Colorado blades feature some of the top producing paint patterns, on high quality .020″ blades. Fish GDF. Fish the BEST!

2 blades per pack

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