#3.5 Copper/Pearl/Red hex Colorado spinner- Single Hook


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GDF® Introduces our new line Single Hook Colorado Spinners. Continuing on with the successful B10 line, that has proven to be a very effective line of lures, we bring you our new and improved version of that line. Our Single hook Colorado Spinner line started its design by creating smaller lures that work better when being ran behind any 360 degree flasher, or traditional flashers and dodgers. They feature high quality 4/o Maruto hooks. As with all our products, we strive to make high quality lures that you can rely on. Fish GDF. Fish the BEST!

As with our other lines of spinners, our new single hook Colorado spinners are designed based on how they perform in the water, not on how they look on the shelf. And as always, GDF® uses only top quality components and our own specially designed blades, and Hooks to give you a spinner that out-performs and out-lasts most spinners on the market. With high contrast both on the blades and the bead patterns, GDF® spinners can be seen no matter the surroundings. These spinners will simply help put more fish in your boat