GDF High Odds

GDF High Odds Resonator Spinners

GDF’s new line of High Odds Resonator spinners take the guess work out of what lure to fish. GDF has spent years researching what makes lures work best in the ever changing weather and water conditions, such as temperature and lighting conditions varying from direct sunlight to overcast, and low light conditions. Water color also plays a major role. One example is when fishing in green water fish have restricted view, and can only see short range, versus clear blue water where fish can see much further. All GDF lures are designed for maximum performance based on all these variables, and are designed with contrast based on researching what lures actually look like in the water in these varying conditions. Ensuring that if the fish is above the lure, looking at a dark background, or is below, looking up at a light background, the lure will always be highly visible. This research has led GDF to develop the line of High Odds Resonator Spinners. Featuring a variety of different lures each of which are designed for very specific conditions, to give you the highest odds possible.


GDF High Odds Resonator Temperature Chart

Cold Water= 50 Degrees or Less

Cool Water= 50 to 60 Degrees

Warm Water= 60 Degrees or More

Conditions Chart

Cold Water/ Cloudy= Lure #1

Cold Water/ Sunny= Lure #2

Cool Water/ Cloudy= Lure #3

Cool Water/ Sunny= Lure #4

Warm Water/ Cloudy= Lure #5

Warm Water/ Sunny= Lure #6

All Low Lite Conditions= Lure #7

All Muddy/ Turnid Water= Lure #8

GDF Recommends considering down-sizing your lure in warm water.