GDF Stink Bombs


GDF Stink Bomb scent chambers provide an extremely effective way of releasing a heavy scent trail that leads predatory fish right up to your lures or bait. Guide tested and approved on salmon, steelhead, walleye, sturgeon, tuna, and more!

GDF Stink bombs are super easy to use. Just unscrew the cap, fill it with your favorite fish oil, and recap. Heavy scent trail can last up to 30-40 minutes, depending on water temperature.

GDF Stink Bombs can be fished in a variety of ways, including running it in-line, behind your flasher, or inside your favorite GDF Blinkee Flasher. As with all GDF products, GDF Stink Bombs are made from high quality materials, and are built tough. GDF Stink Bombs can withstand a pull test of well over 100 lbs, giving you the strength and quality you can rely on.

Always fill your GDF Stink Bombs with a Quality Fish Oil, we recommend PRO-CURE. We recommend Fish oils rather than gels or pastes.

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NEW!! GDF Bobber Bombs


GOOD DAY FISHING is proud to introduce our latest innovative product, the BOBBER BOMB! Also referred to as the “B” BOMB. The “B” Bomb is designed for the bobber fisherman looking to leave a stronger, steady, lasting scent trail that leads fish straight to their bait.The “B” Bomb works best with a water soluble fish oil, and is designed to continuously release a steady scent trail, while releasing additional scent every time you tend your line. GDF recommends Pro-Cure water soluble fish oil due to its proven quality and consistency that ensures the “B” Bomb will continuously release scent better than regular fish oils as it moves along with the current at slow speed. The “B” Bomb can be fished in line or slid up or down where ever the fisherman prefer.